Campaign Platform

With the help of residents in the Ward, local businesses, and community groups, my team and I have created a community-driven platform based on our needs and concerns. I want to thank the thousands of folks who shared their ideas and perspectives with our campaign since December 4, 2020. Even before I announced my candidacy, you all have shared your amazing insights of how much this Ward has grown since the early 2000s, what some of the challenges we currently face are, and the bright future that you see we can create together. 

My 4 campaign pillars:

Empowering Effective, Collaborative Leadership

Bringing effective leadership to city hall through consensus building and smart project and financial management

I have a proven track record as a community-driven leader. I put people at the centre of every decision. Strong leadership requires trust, accountability, transparency, learning, communication and execution. I will empower our community to take ownership of our happiness, development, and prosperity. I will be a reliable partner to residents, local businesses, non-profits, investors, community leaders and all levels of government so important services and projects are managed successfully. 

As your Councillor, I will:

  • Make sure that residents are listened to and valued so that we can create neighbourhoods that everyone enjoys. This means building strong effective relationships with residents, community leagues, area councils, business and community stakeholders and all orders of government to successfully serve our communities.


  • Focus on excellent and transparent communication around the factors that influence decision making so residents are better served. Providing continual opportunities for citizen feedback on projects to create an open and transparent service model. This will set clear expectations for communities, businesses, investors, and all involved in helping build our City. 


  • Be strategic with how we balance short term decisions with long-term implications to avoid wasting money and time revising projects. For example, the Anthony Henday expansion and Ellerslie Road widening. Budgetary decisions will be challenging and require us to prioritize our needs with a fiscally responsible approach. We need to ask the tough questions, talk about trade offs, and have honest and open discussions. 


  • Use an evidence-based approach that reflects the real experiences of our communities so that we’re making smart decisions. Establish benchmarks for delivery of public services. Successful policy implementation means we have to determine risks and figure out how to get the outcomes we want. Consensus building and greater clarity of roles and responsibilities are key to improved performance. We must find practical solutions that really work for all of us. 


  • Use Municipal Sustainability Planning (MSP) as a guiding planning process based on collaboration and inclusivity to help build a better city for all of us. This allows cities to envision the communities they want and take real steps to create them. It’s a chance to engage citizens in discussions about what they value in their communities and what they want them to look like in the future. The main role of an MSP is to guide ongoing growth and development of neighbourhoods from more than just a land-use perspective.

Driving Economic Development

Empowering businesses and driving economic development and recovery

True economic development starts by helping individuals access the resources they need, encouraging investment and innovation, especially as we enter a COVID-19 recovery period.

As your Councillor, I will:

  • Use a priority-based budgeting approach to make sure that our core services are looked after, specifically maintenance of roads, side walks, garbage system, snow removal, etc. Fund newer, higher priority projects with money currently spent on low priorities, instead of increasing taxes.


  • Make sure we are getting high quality core services for our taxpayer dollars. Asking the tough questionswhere are we wasting money? Ensure that we make sound decisions around consultant use. We also need to explore new ways of increasing revenue. 


  • Empower local businesses to thrive by supporting simple and fast permitting processes. We need to remove administrative barriers and provide better support to local businesses. We need to work with them, not against them, so they can access investment and grow.


  • Eliminate budget inefficiencies specifically by looking for duplicate costs. This makes sure that money goes to services we need, but also to the people who need it most. 



  • Encourage regional collaboration while protecting public sector employment to achieve economic and positive environmental growth. The Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board has created a vision that recognizes the shared destiny for municipalities in the Capital Region. We must look for common ground and develop effective partnerships with our regional neighbours, building on the strength of municipalities to meet local needs. (Reference: Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board Plan for Progress)

Enhancing Livability

Improving access, amenities, and accountability for Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi and Edmonton

Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi is a vibrant, growing community. In addition to providing abundant options for play, a livable ward and city is one that cares about sustainability and climate leadership. I’ll make sure the services and amenities available to us grow with it, while also connecting us to greater city resources.

As your Councillor, I will:


  • Improve the recent bus network redesign to better serve students, seniors and the rest of our community. Focus on meticulous project management and oversight of the Capital LRT Line (Twin Brooks area). (Reference: South LRT Study) We will explore partnerships for funding to set up transit that brings value for all residents and businesses.


  • Support a mixed housing plan that includes single-family homes, duplexes, condos, garage suites etc. that serves all and meets the needs of residents at all stages of life.  Address the immediate needs of those who are unhoused, take care of our youth, and work to make sure those who are on the verge do not become dehoused. There is an enormous economic cost to taxpayers. If policymakers continue to neglect to make the necessary and worthwhile investments to bring about change on a fundamental level, we are only going to see an increase in crime, prison costs, health care costs, opioid crisis, mental health challenges etc. While the savings are clear, a compelling argument for investment in affordable housing is to consider the economic opportunities it would generate for job creation in various industries. Solving homelessness is a win-win for our society and every Edmontonian. (References: Affordable Housing Investment Program, Fact Sheet: Zoning Bylaws and Affordable Housing)


  • Advocate for the preservation of our river valley, protect existing green spaces in our neighbourhoods, and work to build sustainable green spaces, ensuring our access to parks and amenities. Work within the scope of the city's Breathe project to make sure that as the city grows, each neighbourhood will be supported by a network of open space. 


  • Support the City of Edmonton’s climate action, adaptation and mitigation strategies to invest in our future. I will work to support Climate Resilient Edmonton: Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan, the Energy Transition Strategy and Action plan, and the 25-Year Waste Strategy. 

Building A Sense Of Belonging

Creating a safe, welcoming community that all Edmontonians are proud to call home

No one should feel like they’re slipping through the cracks. By deepening the relationship between City Council and Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi, I’ll help make sure everyone in our community feels safe, cared for, and proud to call this community home.

As your Councillor, I will:

  • Prioritize the collection of equity-based data to address systemic inequalities and discrimination. I'll support and work in collaboration with various equity seeking organizations and cultural groups. This approach provides City Council with an opportunity to make evidence-based decisions that support all of our community members.


  • Work with Edmonton Police Service to create preventative and proactive solutions that build trust within the community, and use a collaborative approach to address systemic racism and discrimination. This includes bringing in resources to assist in situations where addiction and mental health are at play. Work with the police, various non profits, community groups, and the Community Safety and Well-Being Task Force initiative 14 recommendations towards addressing longstanding issues. Work to implement preventative and proactive solutions that build trust, where we look for common ground, and implement evidence based collaborative approach in addressing issues attributed to systemic racism and discrimination. Ensure everyone feels safe in our communities and Edmonton. 


  • Actively engage and empower community leagues, and the volunteer residents who run them, so they can implement creative ways to make our communities more active. Community leagues are the heart of our neighbourhoods, and they know better than anyone else what neighbourhoods need. (Reference: EFCL Planning and Development)


  • Strike an emergency task force to bring together community partners to respond to the deadly opioid crisis through a culturally appropriate harm reduction approach. I'll work in collaboration with organizations like Moms Stop the Harm. (Reference: Principles of Harm Reduction)


  • Advocate for seniors and age friendly organizations to help tackle barriers and improve the quality of life for all Edmonton seniors. I will work with seniors to address the issues that they face to ageing in place, and make sure that they are well served through the Age Friendly Edmonton initiative to build a city that values, respects and actively supports the well-being of seniors. 


  • Actively work with organizations that support people with disabilities, so that all are included. Look at City facilities and infrastructure, programs, public services, and policies, to identify where they could create barriers to accessibility and work to remove those barriers. (Reference: City of Edmonton Accessibility Advisory Committee).


  • Champion access to early learning and care so that lack of access is not a barrier to parent and caregiver participation in the workforce. Ensure that early learning and care is part of ongoing city plans regarding zoning, space, and neighbourhood development, and care is included in implementing elements of the City Plan and the Economic Action Plan. This will contribute to the overall health and wellbeing of Edmonton’s children, youth, families, and communities. (References: Edmonton Council for Early Learning and Care, Supporting Early Learning and Care)


Please note that while candidates running in the 2021 election can no longer accept corporate and union donations; corporations and unions can donate to third-party advertisers (political action committees or PACs). Therefore, I will not accept support from political action committees. Accepting the support from groups that do not have to be transparent prevents accountability and ethical behaviour in making informed decisions.

I commit to disclosing all donations before the election on Monday, October 18th. I believe that candidates should commit to disclosing donations before the election so that voters know who is funding our campaigns. This should be a basic expectation of any candidate that values transparency.

I am currently not a member of any political party, nor do I have support from, affiliation with, or access to any partisan resources. I believe City Councillors are elected to serve and represent the interests of ALL Edmontonians, and not that of a political party. Ultimately, I believe it is imperative that City Councillors govern from a perspective of finding common ground, bridge-building, and remain beholden to residents of their wards and Edmonton first and foremost. 

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