Rhiannon represents diversity but that’s not the only thing she represents. She is active in the community and she also has a broader view of Edmonton, which is important as a City Councillor.

You need to know your ward along with the rest of the city, and you must have the capability to work together with other councillors. Rhiannon can do all of that. She is incredibly bright in business and is a gifted leader and I encourage people to choose her on October 18th.

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Stephen Mandel

Former Edmonton Mayor

Rhiannon has been an active community volunteer for a long time, knows this ward very, very well and they know her. She ran her own small business, she understands what it means to make payroll and understands the pressures governments can put on small businesses. She’s been around as an active political volunteer and engaged citizen. She knows how this business works and she’s ready for City Council.

I’m really proud to support her.

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Michael Walters

Edmonton City Council (Ward 10)

Rhiannon has a deep understanding of her community.

She has raised her family here, and she and I have advocated for schools over the years. She understands the issues because this is her home and it's where she and her husband are raising their family.

I’ve watched her move through complex relationships and systems to get things done because she wants to support her neighbours. She doesn’t have an agenda, she just cares. That’s Rhiannon.

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Nathan Ip

EPSB Trustee Ward H

When I look at our leaders, I sometimes don’t see someone who resonates with me or understands what issues matter to me and my family. We need voices, such as Rhiannon Hoyle. She leads with experience in business, poise in mentorship, and most of all empathy and compassion in social issues and belonging. That’s the kind of leader who speaks to me.

I encourage voters to learn more about her. She is truly remarkable and passionate about Edmonton. She’s just the kind of Councillor we need during this incredibly challenging and uncertain time.

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Serena Mah

Media Consultant, Former TV Journalist

I’ve known Rhiannon for more than 15 years, she is one of the most hardworking and dynamic people I have ever met. For years, she has been working to make Edmonton a better place for businesses and families.

I’m confident Rhiannon will be an incredible representative for our city, and I strongly recommend she get your vote.

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Dr. Greg Zeschuk

Owner Biera restaurant, Blind Enthusiasm Brewing Company, and co-founder of BioWare

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Rhiannon on so many community matters over the years. While representing the communities of Macewan and Rutherford, Chapelle and Paisley I relied on Rhiannon's guidance as that pragmatic, knowledgeable community leader.

With those communities shifting from pihesiwin to Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi, I wholeheartedly support Rhiannon and look forward to working with her on Edmonton City Council.

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Tim Cartmell

Edmonton City Council (Ward 9)