Meet Rhiannon

Championing Our Community

Rhiannon Hoyle is your neighbour and local community leader. She was born in Trinidad and Tobago, a multicultural country where many of the world’s cultures are celebrated. Rhiannon has called Edmonton home for 29 years, and Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi home for 16 years. 

Since moving to Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi she championed numerous community initiatives, including:

  • Securing $1.6 million in funding for building 3 playgrounds in our community
  • Championing the development of the new Edmonton SW Hospital by representing our community at the announcement in 2017
  • Advocating and collaborating with school board trustees towards the building of new schools as community hubs in the ward
  • Bringing local transportation and traffic concerns about the closure of 127th Street during the Anthony Henday construction directly to provincial and city officials
  • Supporting numerous local community recreation programs for all ages
  • Organizing the first-ever multi-community Heritage Valley Canada Day celebration in Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi, all in collaboration with local businesses and organizations
  • Celebrating the work of volunteers and connecting local businesses through events and fundraisers

She completed a Bachelor of Political Science from the University of Alberta, with an additional certificate in Globalization and Governance. 

A trusted representative with a discerning fiscal plan for economic diversity.

Rhiannon has spent much of her time in senior, publicly elected leadership roles and as a business owner for over 10 years. In doing so, she has gained the trust of Edmontonians and her peers to take concerns and translate them into actions. Some of her leadership roles have been:

  • Co-owned and operated AirChekLab Inc., which specialized in compressed Breathing Air Analysis and medical gas testing for oil field and hazardous environments, ensuring workers safety and patient care in healthcare facilities
  • A publicly elected University of Alberta Senator, member of the Executive Committee, co-Chair USchool Fundraising Committee (educational program serving marginalized communities)
  • District K Representative on the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL) board serving 12 community leagues in the ward 
  • President of the Heritage Point Community League (HPCL) board serving 9 neighborhoods in the ward 
  • President of the Alberta Party Political Association (APPA), where she established excellent financial control processes, strategic risk management and good governance province-wide
  • Past Vice-Chair of ParityYEG, a grassroots organization that empowers women to seek leadership positions in public service.

In all her roles, Rhiannon has maintained a laser focus on fiscal responsibility.

She has managed multi-million dollar budgets and provided much-needed services and amenities to her community, making sure each dollar was put to good use.

Rhiannon understands that tight budgets should still reflect the needs of the public, and she will bring that tenacity to Edmonton City Council as all Edmontonians recover from the pandemic.

An inclusive leader, taking equity and diversity into action to create a strong sense of belonging. 

As a young immigrant who moved to Edmonton 29 years ago, Rhiannon knows that a strong sense of belonging has exceptional capacity to transform our lives and our communities.

She knows that great ideas come from various people and places, from our youth to our seniors, from all walks of life. 

Rhiannon believes that a community that values everyone’s lived experiences will translate into a resilient, safer, and more inclusive place for all.

A vision for what can be, a drive to transform Edmonton together.

Building a great city with wonderful communities requires an understanding of the people's everyday work and life experiences. It takes collaboration with businesses, citizens, and all levels of government.

Rhiannon has experienced life in Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi, like many of you have. She has the proven track record of leadership and service at the grassroots level. She also has the professional governance experience to implement a practical plan to bring strength, security, safety and caring into our communities. 

For Rhiannon, community-based leadership is her life’s work. She is running to continue serving with greater reach and impact. If you’d like to help Rhiannon bring vision to action, consider getting involved here.

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